We would like to welcome Samantha Thornton to our CENTURY 21 Signature Real Estate Urbandale office. Samantha is a recent graduate from Iowa State University and her main goal in life is to help others as much as possible. We think Samantha is a great fit for our growing team. Welcome, Samantha!


Where are you from?
I am from a very small town in Southwest Iowa, it is a town of about 150 people called Coin. My high school was tiny and my graduating class was 16 people.

Tell me about your family.
I am an only child and I’m extremely close to my mom, she’s one of my best friends. My family has always been extremely close and the Holidays have always been a huge deal. We have huge family dinners and get together’s for each holiday, which I absolutely love because I don’t get to see my family as much as I would like because they are over 2.5 hours away from Des Moines. I consider my cousins, my siblings because I am an only child. I believe that made me close with them as they were growing up, the oldest is 16 and the youngest is 6.

My favorite hobby is any outdoor activity. I love being outdoors when it is warm out and I try to avoid being inside as much as possible in the summer. I love going on walks/jogs around Grey’s Lake with my dog, Oliver. I also enjoy riding my bike with friends, our favorite trail is the high trestle trail! I like Kayaking and hanging out in my hammock at Grey’s Lake. I also love to go to movies and just spend time with my friends and family. I try to camp with my friends as much as I can in the summer and I don’t think RV camping counts. 😉

What did you do before being a Realtor?
Currently I work for a Real Estate Investor, but I will be finished working for him in March. Before that, I worked in the human services field. I was a Milieu Treatment Counselor at Orchard Place for children ages 10-17. I also worked at Camp Sunnyside with children and adults with special needs (this was probably one of my favorite jobs!) I’ve also been a Direct Support Professional for adults with special needs when I was going to school at Iowa State. I absolutely love kids and I nanny on the side when I’m needed. If anyone is looking for a part-time nanny, call or text me! I just graduated in May, 2016 from Iowa State University with my Bachelor’s degree is Human Sciences. – GO CYCLONES!

What is your favorite neighborhood in Des Moines/Ankeny/Ames?
My favorite neighborhood in Des Moines would have to be downtown and the east village areas. I like these areas because there is always something going on in the evenings or on the weekends. The crowd always seems upbeat and fun! My favorite neighborhood in Ames would have to be the Lincoln Way area. I spent a lot of time in that area during my time at Iowa State.

What would you like your future clients to know about you?
I want my future clients to know that I am very passionate about helping others and my main priority will be to ensure that their buying/selling process goes as smoothly as possible. I want to make their dream home a reality and I will strive to make the process the best possible.

Why did you choose to be a Century 21 agent?
One of the reasons I choose to be a C21 agent is because I liked the culture when I visited the office. I felt like everyone was very welcoming and I could tell that the agents work as a team, which I believe is important. I also learned about the orphans in Africa and it has always been a dream of mine to travel to Africa and help in any way possible. I also choose Century 21 because of the training and resources that are available. I am confident that Century 21 will help me build my business and be successful.

What do you like about the culture here at C21?
What I like about the culture is that everyone is willing to help if I have any questions. I feel welcomed and comfortable when I visit the office because of the people that are around. Everyone seems fun and outgoing, which is great because I am an outgoing person myself.

Tell me about the coaching and training you’ve received here at C21.
So far the training and coaching has been very helpful, but I’m most excited about the Peak Producers.

What tools do you find helpful for your business?
I am still figuring this part out because I am still new, but I believe that contractually is going to play a huge part in making my business successful.

What do you like about the team meetings/C21 Connect/round table?
What I like most about the meetings at Century 21 is that everyone is very open. I really enjoy talking about case studies and talking about the possible outcomes. I also like that there is no judgement, so I would be comfortable asking a question if I had one. I like the C21 Connect meetings because I think it’s important that new agents get together and learn from one another. It’s also a good time to talk to new agents about what has worked and what hasn’t worked when they were starting their business. I have noticed that most agents are completely okay with sharing their tips and suggestions, which I find very helpful.

Why are you passionate about being a Realtor?
I am passionate about being a Realtor because my main goal in life is to help others as much as I possibly can. I choose my major at Iowa State because I am so passionate about impacting other’s lives in a positive way. I believe that being a Realtor will help me live out my dream of helping others.