Where are you from?
I’m from Galesburg, IL.

Tell me about your family.
I have a wonderful fiancé, Garrett and we have 6 amazing children between the both of us! (Can you say Brady Bunch?!)

My hobbies include Crossfit, painting, being creative, making up different competitions for my kids and I to execute, they’re getting a little older now so they are starting to beat me, only sometimes though! Another interesting fact is that I can deadlift 245 pounds. (I have a great picture of this)

What did you do before being a Realtor?
I worked for my families Business as the office manager, I also own and operate my own Life Coaching, Meditation and Feng Shui Business.

What is your favorite neighborhood in Des Moines/Ankeny/Ames?
I love uptown Ankeny for its small town feel in a growing city!

Why are you passionate about being a Realtor?
I am passionate about being a Realtor because I have the natural ability to help put others minds at ease during stressful and chaotic moments. When I sold and purchased my houses I wanted someone that could answer my questions and to really take the time to explain things fully to me, when I didn’t find that to be the case I decided that I could take my gifts from Life Coaching, Meditation teaching, and Fung Shui and mix them in with being a Realtor to provide people with the gentleness and knowledge that is needed when they’re making on of the largest purchases of their lives.

What would you like your future clients to know about you?
I would like for my future clients to know that I will guide them through each step of their purchasing or selling process with grace, understanding and compassion. I know and understand how nerve racking it can be to purchase or sell a home, so my intentions will be to always make the transitions smooth and as effortless as possible!

Why did you choose CENTURY 21?
I chose C21® because of their outpouring of love and support. The companies willingness to help others not only in our community, but also in Africa was heartwarming.

What do you like about the culture here at C21®?
I love the culture at C21® because it is so upbeat and joyful. The energy when you walk in and meet with any of the agents or support staff is phenomenal. It almost feels as if you’re walking into Grandma’s, or coming home after a long semester away at college.