If you’re just starting off in real estate or working hard to build up your business, you may be struggling with the most important element of being a real estate agent: lead generation. 

It’s easy to take a “bumblebee” approach to lead generation- you flit around trying out many different lead sources without a cohesive strategy or plan. But this just doesn’t work in the long run, which you may already be aware of as you try to build up your client base. 

Our job as REALTORS® is not just to help people buy and sell houses, it’s to generate leads. Without leads, you have no business. But in order to be successful in real estate, you need to adopt lead generation strategies that are true to you and your skillset. If you know your Agent Archetype, you already know what kind of lead generation tactics work best for you. If you don’t know your Agent Archetype, we recommend you start there so you can learn how to use tools and systems that suit your personality and skills for better and more effective lead generation.

As you know, not all leads will successfully convert. You have to fill your database with the names and numbers of people who might be interested, even though only a small number of them will actually become clients. Not all of your leads are created equal; some will take a long time to come to fruition, some will never close and some will go through the entire sales process very quickly. It just depends on your lead source. Lead generation isn’t always easy which is why we recommend turning to the experts to learn more about how you can improve your tactics. 

3 Experts Share Their Lead Generation Advice for Real Estate Agents

If you’re struggling to generate leads or just don’t feel like your current strategies are working for you, check out the videos below. We gathered the best advice from Brian Buffini, Tom Ferry and Zig Ziglar so you can learn more about the importance of lead generation and how to evaluate your current tactics and lead sources.

Leads are the Lifeblood of Your Business | Brian Buffini

If you’ve watched Brian Buffini speak before, you’ve probably heard him talk about how essential lead generation is for your business. It’s easy to get caught in the day-to-day of being a real estate agent, especially if you’re just starting out or struggling to move your business out of survival mode. But your main focus should always be generating leads. 

This quick video will break down exactly why you should be focusing on lead generation above all else and what a better lead generation system means for you, your business and your finances. 

Choosing the Right Lead Generation Systems | Tom Ferry

Without reliable and varied lead sources, you’ll find it difficult to succeed in real estate. This episode of the Tom Ferry Show pushes you to answer a few key questions about your lead generation strategies: Are you getting the most out of your lead generation systems? What lead sources are producing the most in commission? Which new lead generation system is a natural extension of what you’re doing now?

This video is a little longer but will help you thoroughly examine the efficacy and value of your current lead generation systems, what other tactics might work best for you and how to determine the value of different lead sources.

Prime the Pump | Zig Ziglar

The late and great Zig Ziglar explains the concept of lead generation with the simple, but effective, ‘prime the pump’ analogy. It can be frustrating for some agents to put in the work to generate leads day after day and see little to no results. But water doesn’t just flow freely from a pump and leads don’t just show up in your inbox overnight. You’ve got to consistently keep putting in the work and make sure you’re using the right tactics to begin with. Are you spending all day making cold calls but not generating any clients out of it? Maybe you have the wrong pump (i.e. lead gen strategy) and should find something that better suits your personality and skills (i.e. your archetype). 

Looking for More Lead Generation Coaching?

If you think your lead generation strategies could use some refinement, we’re here to help! Our free, online video course, How to Succeed Real Estate, covers the essentials of running a successful real estate business, including lead generation. Sign up today and get unlimited access so you can listen to our Agent Development team share their insight and advice to get your lead generation going. If you’d prefer to set up a call to review your current tactics and real estate goals, our Agent Success Coach would be happy to meet with you. Just click here to schedule a time.