CENTURY 21 Signature Real Estate is proud to announce that our relentless agents hold 61 of the spots on the CENTURY 21® Iowa Top 100 list for all of 2022. 

CENTURY 21® ranks all agents in each state (and nationally) based on average gross commission (AGC). Our agents work relentlessly to raise the bar in real estate and provide extraordinary experiences for their clients and it shows in their results. 

Congratulations to the 61 agents from CENTURY 21 Signature Real Estate in Iowa that made it into the Top 100 and to the two agents who are nationally ranked. We can’t wait to see what our agents accomplish by the end of the year!


CENTURY 21 Iowa Top 100 2022 Rankings


1. Ethan Hokel (ranked #45 nationally) (Ankeny)

2. Megan Mitchum (ranked #82 nationally) (Ankeny)

5. Scott Myers (Ankeny)

6. Jared Van Cleave (Ames)

7. Jason Mickelson (Ames)

9. Gina Swanson (Urbandale)

10. Eileen Van Kooten-Schmitt (Urbandale)

11. Jennifer Clark (Urbandale)

12. Abbey Robertson (Urbandale)

14. Gina McAndrews (Ames)

15. Renee Dunkel (Urbandale)

16. Roger Wheeler (Ankeny)

18. Jennifer Steere (Waverly)

20. Jessica Gilligan (Ankeny)

21. Krista Clark (Urbandale)

22. Krystal Liebau (Waverly)

24. Katie Riedeman (Ames)

25. Jason Bergan (Ankeny)

26. Josh DeWaard (Ankeny)

28. Tyler Wilkening (Ankeny)

29. Chris Chiaramonte (Urbandale)

30. Katie Douglas (Urbandale)

31. Baba Agbaje (Ames)

32. Donna Meador (Ankeny)

35. Tyra McAbee (Cedar Rapids)

36. Brenda Petersen (Ames)

38. David Kelm (Waverly)

39. Jennifer Drewelow (Oelwein)

40. Thomas Payne (Urbandale)

41. Stephen Kerr (Urbandale)


45. Teresa Dodge (Iowa City)

48. Janae Ohrt (Cedar Falls)

49. Kim Bloem (Ames)

50. Tami Hicks (Ames)

51. Holly Bodin (Iowa City)

52. Stacey Smith (Ankeny)

55. Jess Kettleson (Waverly)

57. Kaitlyn Harvey (Ankeny)

59. Sandie Graf (Oelwein)

63. Carla Jourdan (Urbandale)

67. Cathy McAulay (Ankeny)

69. Lynette Williamson (Ankeny)

72. Lauri Amelse (Pella)

73. Robin Shrader (Cedar Falls)

75. Carla Vander Molen (Pella)

78. Lori Morgan (Pella)

80. Brandi Nelson (Ames)

81. Nancy Kappmeyer (Waverly)

82. Tammy McKenzie (Waverly)

83. Natalie St. John (Ankeny)

84. Matt Sievers (Ames)

85. Laura Major (Ankeny)

86. Kim Peterson (Urbandale)

88. Karen Bobst (Cedar Falls)

89. Taylor Hird (Urbandale)

90. Jeremy Kasperbauer (Ankeny)

91. Carol Thomas (Strawberry Point)

92. Cara Shanks (Waverly)

94. Noah Casterton (Ankeny)

95. Sarah McElvaney (Ankeny)

96. Nicole McGlothlin (Urbandale)

Century 21 Real Estate LLC Individual Producers by AGC. These rankings reflect 2022 transactions with a close date of 12/31/2022 and a paid date of 1/04/2023.

Thanks to our relentless agents who have worked so hard in 2022 to raise the bar for their clients and defy mediocrity. We can’t wait to see where 2023 takes us!