Has anyone found out yet if it’s possible to “have it all”? Finding work that fulfills us while satisfying the needs of our family isn’t easy. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, about two-thirds of agents got into real estate because of the flexible schedule. Not all of us are made to stick to a 9-5 way of thinking- some of us are determined to do more so we can put more into our families and the world around us.  Read on to find out how Lindsey Dacey has built a successful real estate career while also growing her family. She shares her story of crafting work-life harmony that shows it is possible to be really good at your job and really good at raising a family.

work-life balance in real estate

Before getting my real estate license in Iowa, I worked for a home builder in the Chicago area as a New Home Specialist. I helped clients look at models of new homes, pick out their lots, design, purchase and close on the homes- and everything in between. My husband’s job brought us back to Iowa in early 2009 and I went back to work in retail sales at U.S. Cellular. 

After I had my first child, Alivia, in 2011, I decided to stay home for a while and enjoy time with her. In early 2013, I was ready to get back and start working again but I needed the flexibility to stay home with my daughter part-time. I got licensed in July 2013.

When You’re Meant to Be in Real Estate

I always knew I wanted to get my real estate license. My grandparents were REALTORS® in the 1980s and 1990s so I’ve always been around it. My degree from Iowa State University is in Housing- I was one of just eight people who graduated with that degree in my final semester. I loved working for the builder in Chicago, but I just had to find the right time to move into real estate. I didn’t need my license in Illinois and the recession had hit harder there so I was hesitant to jump right into it when we moved back to Des Moines.

From Building Homes to Building Relationships

I think those years of experience as a New Home Specialist and helping those homebuyers through the process, along with my education at Iowa State, really helped me prepare for success. I have always had a passion for and interest in real estate and I enjoy working with people. 

I love the people and the relationships I have built over the years with both buyers and sellers. 

It’s fulfilling to know I have been trusted with their biggest investment. I’m currently renovating and modernizing my own house so I’m experiencing a lot of the emotions and decisions my clients are going through.  

The first few years of working in real estate were like a roller coaster of ups and downs- I had to learn how to adapt to buying and selling existing homes. I am finally getting to the point in my career where I’m seeing consistency with the flow of business. So now I’ve had to learn how to separate my work life and my home life. 

Balancing Work with Family

work-life balance in real estate
We love cheering on the Cyclones at ISU sporting events!

Finding a work-life balance has been one of my biggest challenges. This July will mark seven years in real estate and it’s still a challenge for me. Every day is different. Real estate isn’t an 8-5, Monday through Friday job. Time blocking and scheduling ahead always help me plan out my week but things change frequently and I need to be flexible. 

My business has grown so quickly and I’m navigating the growing pains and working to separate my work and personal life. I have to learn to turn my phone off. I saw a need to better serve my clients so I hired my first assistant last summer. She’s helped me tremendously by keeping my business organized, bringing creativity and keeping systems in place to help every transaction go smoothly.  

My husband has been so supportive and that has helped tremendously with my success. He understands how unconventional my hours can be and he helps with our kids and puts up with my craziness. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without him. Luckily, most of my family now lives in Ankeny so it’s also been great to have the kids’ grandparents nearby. 

We try to take as much time away together as a family as we can. Our favorite things to do are to cheer on the Cyclones at sporting events and go up to Clear Lake in the summer with my family. 

The Pay-Off

I work a lot with first-time homebuyers so I get to spend a lot of time educating them. I enjoy the relationships I’ve built with my first-time buyers and because of that, I work almost completely by referral. Handing the keys over at closing is always a success and gives me such a rewarding feeling. Some of my closest friendships today have been made through real estate, which I am very grateful for.

work-life balance in real estate
My husband, my 8-year-old daughter Alivia, my 3-year-old son Bennett and me!

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