Forget about the sale, focus on creating value.

“All opportunity lies on the other side of value creation.”

We’re in the people business. And, we’re in the value business. Our opportunity to grow our businesses and build exciting futures for ourselves and our families is linked to our ability to provide value in the lives of those around us. We believe this starts by acknowledging our “Unique Abilities”, and then intentionally deploying LRC (Leadership, Relationship, and Creativity).


Leadership provides people a sense of direction.

Many people don’t have a great sense of where they’re headed, especially in times of uncertainty. Providing leadership doesn’t mean telling people what to do or that you have all the answers. 

Leadership is helping people evaluate complicated situations, narrow down their options and remind them what they’re committed to. 

“Here’s what we DO know…”

“Here’s what we AREN’T going to do…”

“This is what I would do…”


Relationship provides people confidence to act.

When people know you have their back personally, they have the confidence to act. In times of uncertainty, people are starved for relationships and authenticity. “People won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Building relationships provides others with the safety, confidence and freedom to make decisions and act on them.  

“What’s going on in your world?”

“How are you holding up personally?”

“Is there anything I can do for you?”


Creativity provides people the capability to act.

People struggle to imagine solutions to problems and answers to questions, other than the ones they’ve already been exposed to. Creativity is stepping into the world and saying, “What if we went about it a different way? Here’s another option you might have…” Providing creativity to others introduces new perspectives and ways of thinking that help people take action.  

“What if we…?”

“Have we thought about…?”

“How COULD we get it done…?”

Leadership, Relationship and Creativity

by Positive+ Mindset | More Than More

In times of uncertainty and anxiety, it’s important to remember what you’re in control of and how to take care of yourself, your business and your mindset. The Positive+ Mindset series is designed to offer you 10 tangible ways you can maintain a positive outlook, express gratitude, lead with compassion and empathy, and turn negative thoughts into positive ones that will improve your thinking, actions and outcomes.

Adapted from Dan Sullivan’s The ‘Scary Times’ Success Manual.”