Forget about your difficulties, focus on your progress.

When we’re always looking forward (innovating, growing, taking on new projects and future challenges), it can feel like we’re never making progress. It’s like standing in the front of a boat looking forward and sailing toward the horizon. You never get there. To measure progress (celebrate success, forward momentum and re-energization), we sometimes need to force ourselves to look backward and take account of what we’ve actually accomplished. Looking off the back of the boat helps you gain perspective on how far you’ve come. 

Think back:

  • What are some personal accomplishments?
  • What are some business accomplishments?

Always looking forward is draining while forcing yourself to look back every week, month and quarter helps you celebrate progress and re-energizes you for the next set of challenges. 


Focus on your progress: Action Steps

Download the weekly, monthly, and quarterly planners.

Use the weekly, monthly and quarterly planners to review your achievements and results, evaluate what’s working and what’s not working, and review open strategic projects.

Download the worksheet along with the PDF below. 

In times of uncertainty and anxiety, it’s important to remember what you’re in control of and how to take care of yourself, your business and your mindset. The Positive+ Mindset series is designed to offer you 10 tangible ways you can maintain a positive outlook, express gratitude, lead with compassion and empathy, and turn negative thoughts into positive ones that will improve your thinking, actions and outcomes.

Adapted from Dan Sullivan’s The ‘Scary Times’ Success Manual.”