In times of uncertainty and anxiety, it’s important to remember what you’re in control of and how to take care of yourself, your business and your mindset. Based on Dan Sullivan’s “The ‘Scary Times’ Success Manual,” The Positive+ Mindset series is designed to offer you 10 tangible ways you can maintain a positive outlook, express gratitude, lead with compassion and empathy, and turn negative thoughts into positive ones that will improve your thinking, actions and outcomes.

Forget about your difficulties,

focus on your progress.


Forget about events,

focus on your responses.


Forget about your commodity,

focus on your relationships.


Forget about your complaints,

focus on your gratitude.


Forget about the sale,

focus on creating value.


Forget about yourself,

focus on others.


Forget about what’s missing,

focus on what’s available. 


Forget about your losses,

focus on your opportunities.


Forget about who you were,

focus on who you can be.


Forget about the future,

focus on today.