Curious about the Iowa Real Estate Licensing Process?

Getting your real estate license can be confusing and overwhelming at times – that’s why the more you know about the process the easier it will be. Learn more about each of the nine steps, virtual vs. online courses, different requirements, and the best strategy to take. 

Personality Test.


 Learn more about what qualities make a successful realtor and dive into the questions you need to be answered. Figure out the real costs of real estate during and after licensing. 


Hear from current agents about why they made the switch into real estate.


The honest truth – real estate isn’t for everyone. Read more about the pros and cons of starting a career in real estate and how it can affect your life.


All of the answers to your questions about the cost of real estate. Learn about costs during the licensing process and after. 

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How to Become a REALTOR® in Iowa in 9 Steps

How to Become a REALTOR® in Iowa in 9 Steps

The Iowa Real Estate licensing process can seem overwhelming – lots of requirements, all sorts of courses, and of course lots of questions. Ultimately the process is relatively easy to navigate as long as you do your research and follow the steps.

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What Additional Pre-Licensing Real Estate Courses Do You Need to Take?

What Additional Pre-Licensing Real Estate Courses Do You Need to Take?

In addition to taking your 60-hour pre-licensing course, you will need to complete three 12-hour additional courses. These can be taken before or after you take the 60-hour course but are most often taken after. Our guide will explain how, when, and where to take buying practices, listing practices and ethical practices.

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