Learn how to get your business off the ground, grow your sales with confidence, and avoid some of the most common first-year pitfalls.

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How To Succeed: In Your First Year / Coaching & Learning Resources

Coaching & Learning Resources

Never stop learning. Stay ahead of the pack with the latest books, podcasts, and coaching resources.

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In this session, we will be featuring several great resources you may want to consider investing in to deepen your real estate knowledge, grow your skills, and make massive progress in your first year in the business. I’ve got some great suggestions for books, podcasts and real estate coaches, but sometimes the best place to start is with friends in the real estate business. Give them a call or sit down with them & pick their brain about what they’ve found to be the best and most challenging parts of their career. Talk to them about what it takes to make it work, how to prioritize, how they budget, how they generate leads and build relationships and ask them if they think you’d be a good fit for this unique business.

So now, let’s talk about some great books to check out!
First up is a classic, How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie. To me this is an essential that all people, not just those looking to build their own businesses should read. Dale Carnegie’s time-tested advice has carried countless people up the ladder of success in their business and personal lives. It’s an absolute must-read that you won’t be sad you took the time to read, even if real estate doesn’t end up being the right fit for you.

Next up, in the vein of marketing and how to really stand out amongst the sea of sameness; Purple Cow, by Seth Godin. It’s a quick & easy read that will walk you through how to be remarkable at what you do!

Next up is a recommendation to help with getting your finances in order & really counting all your costs. Rich Dad’s Cash Flow Quadrant (which is actually the 2nd book in the series by Robert Kiyosaki) is all about helping people move beyond job security & into the world of financial freedom. Real Estate ends up being too much about financial survival for so many agents and so it’s important to be ready for & have a good understanding of your financial goals when you launch your career.

I could go on and on with tons of great book recommendations, but instead, just check out this link for a more complete list!

Next up, a few real estate coaches worth following. – Brian Buffini, Tom Ferry, and Jared James. These three are all incredible real estate coaches & all have some different insight/perspective on how to learn, build, and grow your real estate business. Each of these coaches provides lots of free resources via youtube, podcasts and social media content and when your business is in a place where one on one coaching makes sense for you, they all have monthly coaching services you can enroll in.

I’ll highlight a few of their great free resources. Tom Ferry’s “How to Succeed as a New Agent within your first 5 years” on YouTube. Brian Buffini’s podcast called the Brian Buffini Show. He has so many great episodes, but I’d highly recommend Episode 8: Seven Steps to an Unstoppable Business. Or search for Jared James’s YouTube video titled “What Should a New Agent Be Doing.” Such great content!

We hope you take the time to learn from these resources as you start your journey to a successful real estate career!

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