The Best Ways to Prepare for your Licensing Exam

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Getting Licensed | 0 comments

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After completing your 60-hour pre-licensing course you will need to take the real estate licensing exam. Don’t worry – if you paid attention during class you should be fine. Plus the test is all multiple choice – so you can use process of elimination. But for some this can be intimidating since the last time you took a test could’ve been – well, high school. You’ll want to think back to this time – yes, we said it – and try to remember which study techniques worked for you. This will help you prepare for the exam. If you still feel unprepared check out the helpful tips and study resources below. 



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Preparing for the Real Estate Exam is definitely a daunting task (at least feels that way). The best advice is to think about what methods really worked for you to study when taking tests in school.  For example, some are good with memorization – so flashcards & repetition within the hours leading up to the test can be really helpful – while others learn by doing, in which case the practice tests would be a great study tool. 


If you are taking the 60-hour course in a classroom – schedule your test as soon as you can after the course is complete.  The information is most fresh in your brain right away and in most courses, you break it up each day to have a new set of flashcards & highlighted text to review at home each night so build upon smaller portions of learned information one piece at a time.


This particular test is all multiple choice so really use your common sense and process of elimination skills.  While taking the test, it allows you to mark “unsure” so that once you’re through it all you can go back & review ones you weren’t quite sure about the first time around.  So take your best first guess on the “hard” ones, marking it, and going back to review it one more time at the end. Don’t sweat the test – as long as you paid attention during your pre-licensing class you should do fine. 



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