What additional real estate courses do you need to take?

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In addition to taking your 60-hour pre-licensing course, you will need to complete three 12-hour additional courses. These can be taken before or after you take the 60-hour course but are most often taken after. The only stipulation is that you have to have taken them within a year of your license application. When applying for your real estate license you need to present your completion certificate for all courses. 



By law you are required to take:

  • 12 hours of Buying Practices
  • 12 hours of Listing Practices
  • 12 hours of Developing Professionalism & Ethical Practices

You can take these in any order. 


Buying Practices

In your buying practices course, you will learn:

  • How to qualify buyers
  • Financing options
  • The buying process
  • How to write an offer
  • Agent responsibilities 
  • Closing services

The average cost for this course is $140. 

Listing Practices

In your listing practices course, you will learn:

  • How to run a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA)
  • How to estimate net proceeds
  • Listing presentations & contracts
  • How to market and service sellers
  • Proper steps for presenting an offer
  • Agent responsibilities
  • Closing services

The average cost for this course is $140. 


Ethical Practices

This course aims to address the question of ethics in real estate. This discussion-based course dives into the ethical problems REALTORS® face and whether or not ethics can be taught. 

The average cost for this course is $140. 

Typically these classes are offered across the state of Iowa and are often held on two consecutive days in a row. The average cost is usually between $140-$150.

We recommend taking this course through the Iowa Association of Realtors. Make sure to select Developing Professionalism as Class Type when searching for courses. Many real estate brokerages also offer this course. 


Once you’ve completed all of your course work (60-hour pre-licensing course, all three 12-hour courses), passed your real estate licensing exam, and background check you can apply for your real estate license. 



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