Every year, CENTURY 21® releases top 100 rankings for agents based on their AGC, or adjusted gross commission. CENTURY 21 Signature Real Estate lies within the Heartland Region in the Midwest United States, which encompasses all CENTURY 21® offices in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois.

While we don’t aim to celebrate agent accomplishments based on such numbers, at the end of the day, we recognize that we cannot continue to impact and improve lives without it! Henceforth, we’re very proud to announce that  32 (!) of our stellar REALTORS® were in the top 100 agents in the Heartland* and we even had one agent breach the National Top 100, Megan Hill Mitchum!


Congratulations agents; we celebrate your 2017 accomplishments and look forward to what you will achieve in 2018!

2. Megan Hill Mitchum (87th in the nation)
3. Ethan Hokel
4. Scott Myers
6. Jared Van Cleave
7. Abbey Robertson
11. Roger Wheeler
12. Jennifer Clark
13. Kyle Clarkson
14. Gina Swanson
15. Tyler Wilkening
17. Gina McAndrews
22. Chris Chiaramonte
24. Tami Hicks
28. Eileen Van Kooten-Schmitt
29. Susie Sheldahl
32. Rob Wheeler
34. Brandi Nelson
38. Donna Meador
41. Brenda Peterson
44. Ellen Fitzpatrick
51. Teresa Dodge
60. Mike Crabb
74. Heather Lampe
76. Lindsey Dacey
77. Wanda Greif
79. Baba Agbaje
83. Thomas Payne
84. Kevin Holmes
88. Matt Law
93. Kristen Geiger
99. Renee Dunkel


*the above numbers have been adjusted to compensate for one agent having left the CENTURY 21® system.